Miami is the Place to be for Art Lovers

Miami, Florida has been highly recognized as one of the heart capitals of the United States of America. Regardless if a person is an artist, or if a person just likes to purchase art Miami, Florida fulfills the art itch for many. Someone who is a huge art fanatic might even consider residing in Miami […]

The New Markets Tax Credit program in Maine

The Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program is similar to a federal tax-credit program intended to attract investment capital to lower-income communities by offering private investors a state tax credit on equity investments made in Community Development Entities, known as CDEs. The Maine program is patterned after the federal government’s New Markets Tax Credit Program […]

5 Tips for Using Online News Magazines to Stay Informed

More people rely on online news magazines and online applications for catching up on the latest news than on newspapers or printed publications. Print media has taken a back seat to online media and major news organizations are finally doing everything that they can in order to entice online visitors looking for the latest news. […]