Guggenheim’s Four Art Museum Locations

The Bilbao location is currently the largest museum in the world though that will change when the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi ( opens in the UAE. This Frank Gehry designed masterpiece is a golden geometric mirage that will soon become reality. The focus will be on modern art of the Middle East and is hoped to serve as a meeting place for art and technology.

New Global Venture In The Energy Sector

Since 2000, Riverstone founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre have garnered over $34 billion towards buyout and growth investment efforts through three listed vehicles and 9 private funds with connections to energy and power companies. With over 25 years’ experience working in the energy sector on 5 continents, Galuccio was recently nominated to join the board of Schlumberger Limited. The company is the world’s biggest gas and oil service concern and he’s a former employee of Schlumberger.

How to Become a Private Art Collector in Miami

There are many celebrities who come to Miami every year to collect art, and they include names such as Alicia Keys, Leonardo DiCarpio, George Lindemann Jr. and Bella Thorne. These people come to the city because they want to see the finest new art in all of America, and they wish to see art that will change their net worth. This article explains how anyone may become a collector on this order when they come to Miami.

Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

With a population that is over 50% foreign born, it is no surprise that the abundance of art available in Miami is just as diverse as its citizens. Miami has a rich history of art making that spans not only creative genres, but cultural and ethnic tradition as well. Whether you are a new collector […]

Maine sees significant benefit from tax credit programs

The New Markets Tax Credit program developed by the U.S. Department of Treasury has been consistently working to improve the lives of those living and working in rural communities across the nation and recently distributed a major chunk of its tax credit program to a Maine based investment company. CEI Capital Management will now have the honor of distributing a further $80 million from the New Markets program to rural communities across Maine and the U.S. as a whole (see Maine to benefit from $80 million in tax credits for U.S. rural development); the company has already developed a long history of success in awarding New Markets Tax Credits to projects across the state of Maine.

Miami the City of Art

The Miami art scene is a thriving community of individuals like George Lindemann who have a great passion for fine art. The Miami art world attracts many different types of people as the city periodically hosts an international art fair known as Art Basel.

An American Oil Legend Returns

He started as an adviser to the big private equity firm Riverstone, founded by David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre, indicating troubled petroleum companies and their assets that could be snapped up amid the collapsing oil market. But Papa discovered that advising truly didn’t satisfy him, and that he wanted to return to his oily roots. Riverstone’s response? Rather than leave their employ, he should stay on and start a company along the lines of EOG Resources for them.

Islamic Organizations that You Can Volunteer With

There’s no doubt that with the state of this world and all the issues we face on this planet, more and more people are signing up to donate, volunteer, and lend their voices to important causes. With so many organizations to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to decide which one to invest your efforts in, […]