Miami’s Renowned Art Collectors

There are several high end art collectors in Miami, Florida. These collectors either commission outdoor art or donate to local museums. Jorge Perez is one of those well-known collectors who is a high profile developer in Miami. He is the Chairman and CEO of the Related Group. Born in Argentina, Jorge has large appreciation for […]

Islamic organizations in the face of Trump’s policies and comments

Islamic Relief (, a non-profit organization, was founded in order to help with various things such as disaster relief and promoting the peaceful ways of Islam. Islamic Relief has been affected in a variety of ways from President Trump’s new policies specifically the travel ban. The CEO of Islamic Relief USA, Anwar Khan, stated that her work has been affected in a negative way because she had been unable to travel to many countries on the ban list.

Warrior Expo East 2017 Held in Virginia Beach a Success

The Warrior Expo, which was held in Virginia Beach this year, came and went in July. Showcasing hundreds of defense products to the thousands of potential consumers, the event provided an opportunity to learn about the latest in the defense industry. Hosted by Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS Inc) the Warrior Expo East Conference is an annual showcase of modern defense products…

Tax credit program sees success in Maine

Today we will shed some light on the topic of new markets tax credit in Maine. The new development seen in Maine recently is thanks to the New Markets Tax Credit created in the year of 2001. This new system allows the state to make developments that require a large amount of capital that the state just did not have before this system was put in place. The Maine NMTC has been the largest factor in their recent growth and capital flow. Another huge factor that this new program is affecting is the state’s ability to compete in the global economy.

Where Celebrities Look For Art To Buy In Miami

Therefore, when Miami presents the Art Basel, many parties are also hosted drawing in some of the top celebrities. Some of the stars that have attended the art fair and the parties include George Lindemann of Bass museam, Kate Hudson, Usher, Donald Sutherland, Drake and Miley Cyrus. Many celebrities of this generation have become art collectors and have been seen in galleries and art fairs in Miami.

Guggenheim’s Four Art Museum Locations

The Bilbao location is currently the largest museum in the world though that will change when the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi ( opens in the UAE. This Frank Gehry designed masterpiece is a golden geometric mirage that will soon become reality. The focus will be on modern art of the Middle East and is hoped to serve as a meeting place for art and technology.

New Global Venture In The Energy Sector

Since 2000, Riverstone founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre have garnered over $34 billion towards buyout and growth investment efforts through three listed vehicles and 9 private funds with connections to energy and power companies. With over 25 years’ experience working in the energy sector on 5 continents, Galuccio was recently nominated to join the board of Schlumberger Limited. The company is the world’s biggest gas and oil service concern and he’s a former employee of Schlumberger.

How to Become a Private Art Collector in Miami

There are many celebrities who come to Miami every year to collect art, and they include names such as Alicia Keys, Leonardo DiCarpio, George Lindemann Jr. and Bella Thorne. These people come to the city because they want to see the finest new art in all of America, and they wish to see art that will change their net worth. This article explains how anyone may become a collector on this order when they come to Miami.

Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

With a population that is over 50% foreign born, it is no surprise that the abundance of art available in Miami is just as diverse as its citizens. Miami has a rich history of art making that spans not only creative genres, but cultural and ethnic tradition as well. Whether you are a new collector […]