Organizations that are helping people with disabilities in Hurricane Harvey

Portlight Coming to the Aid of the Disabled Since 2008

Prior to 2008, the needs of many disabled people were not considered important during an emergency. In fact, many disabled people were admonished for not being better prepared for an emergency. Paul Timmons realized that disabled people were considered things without any say as to what happened to them. Most disaster emergency companies will rescue the disabled without taking along the victims’ wheelchairs. Many emergency agencies place these people wherever they can find room for them. Paul Timmons originally created Portlight to recycle and distribute formerly owned medical equipment to use during natural disasters. During Hurricane Ike, Timmons realized how difficult it was for senior citizens and the disabled to evacuate themselves from their homes during this devastating storm. Now during Hurricane Harvey, Timmons is a ready to assist disabled and seniors who trouble saving themselves. Portlight has a website.

Wherever hurricane disaster strikes, Portlight has an 800 number and message for people who know of a disabled person in distress to phone Portlight. Portlight is alert to spot all hurricanes from the time they begin, so the rescue team can get to the disabled in time. The hotline has enabled Portlight to assistant several hundred disabled people during Hurricane Harvey.


Portlight’s website accepts donations all year-round. It’s a grassroots organization that relies on the donations from others. Donations make it possible to not only supply the disabled food, clothing, and temporary shelter, Portlight helps the disabled put their lives back in order, rebuilt their homes or start over.

Preparing the Disabled for Disaster 
Port light has several suggestions for caregivers getting the disabled prepared for disaster.

  • Have a good relationship with emergency management
  • Have a personal plan
  • Check disability preparedness sites online for ideas

Source America .
Companies including Ability One and SourceAmerica believe that the best thing anyone can do for a disabled person is to get him a job. Ability One has hired some disabled people who were victims of hurricanes, floods, and wild fire. SourceAmerica is looking for very talented disabled people to employ in various areas of business.

  • government
  • corporate
  • non profit
  • disability community

The disabled have just as strong a need to be a productive member of society as anyone else. SourceAmerica understands that.