Miami Art collectors that may sound familiar!

Interested in becoming an Miami art collector like George Lindemann jr. Learning more about the art collector community based in Miami, Florida? Here are a few collectors whose names may ring a bell.

Starting off with the Rubell Family Art Collection. This collection is one of the largest privately owned, contemporary art collections in the world. Although the collection is privately owned it is accessible to the public. Owners of this collection, Mera and Don Rubell, are not well known for their previous professions as a Head Start teacher and a gynecologist but having really established themselves in the art community as being the first pair to start the “domino effect” in the growth of the private contemporary art society in Miami. They started their collection out by both having an eye for unknown artists. It was established in New York City in 1964 and later moved to Miami in 1993. The collection consists of many famous local and international artists, which is always expanding.

Another high profile, power-couple, private collectors are Rosa and Carlos De La Cruz whom own the De La Cruz collection in Miami. Their collection is a little different than the collection owned by the Rubell’s, where as they are not considered a foundation and the admission cost to view their collection is FREE. The De La Cruz family are philanthropists, donating and financially supporting art programs within the local University. Carlos De La Cruz is on the council for Foreign Relations and is also a chairman for a bottling and distribution empire. Rosa De La Cruz is the director of that same empire.

Miami, Florida is home to a few celebrities whom collect art as well. Musician, Pharrell Williams owns a penthouse in Miami that contains a huge collection of art, mainly contemporary. New York Yankee’s baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, owns a home tucked away in Miami with an extensive art collection. There are many celebrities that do not live in Miami but are frequently seen buying art work there due to their ever-growing art scene and the yearly art festival named The Basel.

Miami, Florida’s art society is growing quickly. As it continues to grow, it’ll only drag in more and more interested celebrities and wealthy people looking to add to their personal collections.