Local Virginia Organizations Participate in Military Dream Week

The work of members of the U.S. Military members often goes unrewarded and their family members are often left isolated from their loved ones when deployed. Moving around the country can be a difficult aspect of becoming a member of a military family but 13News Now, the City of Norfolk, ADS Inc., and Operation Once in a Lifetime came together to honor service members and their families over the course of their annual Military Dream Week. The aim of the week is to highlight the difficult nature of life as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces or a military family member who can go for months without seeing a loved one.

Across Virginia, the 13 News Now program made it a mission of theirs to bring some happiness and good cheer to the military families of the area, particularly those in the greatest need of assistance. A good example of the need for help and a change in fortune was highlighted by the story of Margie Grube who lost her husband, Navy SEAL, Devon in a kayaking accident just a few months earlier. Leaving behind three children, Margie Grube was the subject of a recent benefit concert staged with the aid of ADS Inc. and 13 News Now as they set out to raise funds to help secure the future of the family. The last surprise was also in store for Margie and her family when they were given expenses paid trip to see the favorite NFL team of Devon Grube, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Another military family given a surprise were the Bustamante’s, a recently married couple who are expecting their first child. Lucy Bustamante had left behind her family and friends in California when her husband was posted to Norfolk, Virginia as his latest posting with the U.S. Navy. Unable to be with her friends for her baby shower, Lucy Bustamante was given an impromptu shower by members of the 13 News Now team and the City of Norfolk. Knowing the birth of a child is an expensive time in the life of any family, the City of Norfolk donated $1,000 towards providing the family with their childcare needs.