Islamic organizations in the face of Trump’s policies and comments

There is no doubt that this has been one of the most intense presidential terms in recent history. President Trump has already enacted a large variety of different bills into law during his term so far. All of these changes have not come without various organizations having a vast degree of opinions based on President Trump’s new policies. Many of President Trump’s new policies have been particularly intent of creating an environment of isolation within the borders of the United States. For example when President Trump instituted his Muslim travel ban, there was a huge wave of protest within the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. With regard to President Trump’s new policies the Muslim community has been generally positive, the communities have peaceful disagreed with the presidents choices regarding Muslim treatment.

Islamic Relief (, a non-profit organization, was founded in order to help with various things such as disaster relief and promoting the peaceful ways of Islam. Islamic Relief has been affected in a variety of ways from President Trump’s new policies specifically the travel ban. The CEO of Islamic Relief USA, Anwar Khan, stated that her work has been affected in a negative way because she had been unable to travel to many countries on the ban list. She has also said that she understands why the ban is in place and has told many people that fellow Muslims understand why too.

With Islam being such a massive, worldwide religion, there are tons of opinions about the new policies. For example, Muslims in Jordan are hesitant to the new policies but are becoming more and more open to the President.

Overall, President Trump has enacted a ton of policies that have discriminated against a lot of different people. Even through all of these many Islamic organizations have remained overwhelmingly positive and have not done anything to incite any problems. As more time goes on hopefully all these issues will be resolved and we can all live peacefully in this world.