Tax credit program sees success in Maine

Today we will shed some light on the topic of new markets tax credit in Maine. The new development seen in Maine recently is thanks to the New Markets Tax Credit created in the year of 2001. This new system allows the state to make developments that require a large amount of capital that the state just did not have before this system was put in place. The Maine NMTC has been the largest factor in their recent growth and capital flow. Another huge factor that this new program is affecting is the state’s ability to compete in the global economy.

Where Celebrities Look For Art To Buy In Miami

Therefore, when Miami presents the Art Basel, many parties are also hosted drawing in some of the top celebrities. Some of the stars that have attended the art fair and the parties include George Lindemann of Bass museam, Kate Hudson, Usher, Donald Sutherland, Drake and Miley Cyrus. Many celebrities of this generation have become art collectors and have been seen in galleries and art fairs in Miami.